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Prachanda-Madhav, what will Oli do in the exercise of defeating CPN?

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has said that it is necessary to take education from the CPN split and move forward. Addressing the 34th Memorial Day program of Narayan Vilas Joshi held in Bhaktapur today (Sunday), he said that it is necessary to learn from the past while showing respect and honor to Narayan Vilas Joshi.

Recalling that the UML and Maoists could not save the CPN, he said, “By saving that unity, it could not be saved, which had great potential for the benefit of the nation, the benefit of the people and the benefit of socialism.” I am not here to blame anyone. While showing reverence and respect to Comrade Narayan Vilas Josi, even if we fail once, we should aim to learn from it and move forward,” he said.

He claims that the history of the communist movement all over the world, unity, struggle, division and then transformation again unity, struggle has progressed in this way. He said that Nepal’s communist movement also progressed according to the same rules. He said that if the communist movement in Nepal cannot be avoided, it is necessary to conduct a serious review once.

Today we have to think once again. Everyone had to think, what was the reason why the communist movement that was integrated yesterday could not be saved? Where was the error in the idea, where was the error in the politics? After reviewing the trends that led to our division, we should learn from it and move forward,” he said.

He said that right now, an initiative is being taken to unite the Left by forming a Samajwadi Front with Madhav Kumar Nepal, Biplav, Upendra Yadav and Maoists. He also said that Madhav was advised to return to Nepal and his CPN.

“What I and Madhav ji have said is that we have to go back to CPN again. By honoring founding leader Narayan Vilas Josi today, we can move forward with determination in that direction,” he said.

The then CPN (UML) and CPN (Maoist Center) formed CPN. The demise of CPN was due to the ego between UML President KP Sharma Oli and Prime Minister Prachanda. While Prachanda is now trying to overthrow the CPN by forming a front, Oli has taken it as a platform to seize power. Oli alleges that the then CPN split because of Prachanda.

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