Preparing to take the statement of the former prime minister in the case of Lalita residence land

In the case of Lalita residence land in Baluwatar, the police have indicated that they will investigate organized crime. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police, which has issued arrest warrants for more than 400 people, has indicated that it will investigate organized crime in the case.
If the CIB gets permission to investigate organized crime, it will be able to detain and investigate all those arrested and those yet to be arrested for 60 days. If the accused arrested by the police in the Lalita Niwas land plotting case is found to have committed an organized crime in the investigation under the Organized Crime Act, another case other than plotting will also be filed.
After the police started the statements of Meen Bahadur Gurung, Gopal Karki and Dharma Prasad Gautam on Friday, the attention of the police turned towards organized crime. CIB chief AIG Kiran Bajracharya also said that the matter is being discussed with the government lawyer.
‘Looking at the nature of the crime, it seems that many people have worked together to commit fraud in an organized manner. Therefore, we are coordinating with the public prosecutor to ensure that this matter can be an organized crime,’ said AIG Bajracharya.

If we talk only about organized crime, there is a provision of imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to 5 lakh rupees. Since organized crime is not a single crime in itself, it is linked with other crimes, so the police believe that the Organized Crime Act will be attracted to the Lalita residence land case.

According to the police, the punishment will be determined by looking at the involvement of the people involved. In case of organized crime, the police can detain the accused for up to 60 days to gather evidence.

Such period is maximum 25 days in case of consumer only. In the case of Baluwatar land, it seems that leaders, employees, businessmen and middlemen have committed crimes, said AIG Bajracharya.

On the other hand, the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission established the ownership of government land by former Prime Ministers Madhav Kumar Nepal and Baburam Bhattarai, but it did not come within its jurisdiction to register a case against them.

The Authority stated that the decision taken by the Council of Ministers meeting was not within its jurisdiction, so the case was not prosecuted. But the CIB has said that former prime ministers can also be called for statements. ‘If necessary and on the basis of the statements of other accused, former prime ministers can also be called for statements,’ the CIB source said. This news is in nagarikaDaily.

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