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Rahat Beema from Nepal: Finalist for MIT SOLVE 2023

Rahat, an open-source blockchain-powered platform aiming to make humanitarian aid distribution efficient and transparent to support marginalized communities, has announced that Rahat Beema, an innovative project it has developed, has been selected as a finalist for the MIT Solve’s 2023 Global Challenges!

Among over 1500 applications submitted worldwide, only 250 were selected as semi-finalists, and from those, just 75 applicants were chosen as finalists to address the Global Challenge. MIT Solve Global Challenge spans across five critical categories, including Financial Inclusion, Learning for Civic Action, Climate Adaption & Low-Carbon Housing, Health in Fragile Contexts, and the 2023 Indigenous Communities Fellowship. Rahat has secured a spot among the 15 finalists in the Financial Inclusion Category. Among these finalists, only six will be chosen as part of the MIT Solver team. For the Solve Challenge Finals on September 18, 2023, the Community Award will be given to the finalist from each category with the highest number of public votes.

MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is renowned for identifying and supporting groundbreaking solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Rahat Beema, an open-source blockchain-based humanitarian assistance tool, has demonstrated the potential to provide crucial support during times of adversity. The Rahat team has been working relentlessly towards creating a more inclusive, faster, and transparent aid distribution platform and is now planning to launch an insurance system to assist communities in need.

By becoming one of the top 30 most promising innovations, Rahat aims to leverage this opportunity to scale its impact and transform the landscape of humanitarian aid. The team firmly believes that their participation in the MIT Solve platform will enable them to collaborate with like-minded visionaries, experts, and partners who share the commitment to making a difference.

You can show your support for Rahat Beema’s mission by casting your vote. Every vote counts, and each participation is crucial in helping Rahat advance toward solving global challenges and building a better future for those in need. The recognition among the top contenders is an honor, and the team has been looking forward to proudly representing Nepal as an official 2023 Solver team in New York. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Nepal has another finalist in a different category, further showcasing the country’s talent and potential on a global stage.

To vote for Rahat Beema, visit the link: to learn more about the project, and cast your vote.

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