Samsung making a 440 megapixel camera sensor

The Korean brand Samsung is famous for its smartphone camera sensor technology. It turns out that this brand is working on different camera sensors.

Revganus (@Tech_Reve), who discloses various details about technology, posted a post on X (Twitter) and claimed that Samsung is working on four new camera sensors. According to him, Samsung is working on 440 MP HU One, 320 MP sensor, 200 MP HP Seven with 0.7 micron pixels and 50 MP ISOCELL GN Six sensor with 1.6 micro pixels.

It is said that if 440 MP is used in smartphones, it will be a significant leap in camera sensor technology. However, it is not certain whether this sensor will be used in smartphones or other industries. Some media have written that this sensor can be used in cars or other industrial materials.

Samsung had previously announced that it will develop sensors with a resolution that matches the human eye. The 440 MP sensor being developed now is seen as such

Ravengus has said that the 320 MP camera sensor can be used in Galaxy S26 (Samsung Galaxy S26) or higher end phones. The fact that MediaTek’s Dimension 9200 chipset supports a 320 megapixel camera also confirms that the market for this high resolution sensor is strong. So soon this sensor is said to be in smartphones.

The 200MP HP seven camera sensor looks similar to the 200MP HP dual camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But it is said that the pixels are bigger.


It is said that the 50 MP GN Six sensor being made by Samsung may be the first one-inch camera of Samsung. Similarly, it is said to have the same pixels as the one-inch IMX989 sensor ((IMX989)) of the camera company Sony. It is said that this sensor will improve the ‘light capture’, background etc. for taking photos and videos.

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