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Send SMS from mobile number without spending SIM balance

An iOS user can easily send messages to other iOS users through Apple’s messaging app. To provide this feature, Google also brought its messaging app, through which an Android user can send messages to other Android users.

In this way, when sending a message from Google Message, the balance on the SIM card is not deducted. Also, like other messaging apps, it has features such as message delivery, no character limit, high quality photo and file sharing, and knowing that the message has been read. With this you can share files even if you only have a phone number.

Similarly, Google Message is going to modify this chat feature by naming it RCS (Rich Communication Service). According to international media, the RCS feature will replace the chat feature through the new update. This feature is said to provide better service than chat.

What is the chat feature of Google Messages?

If you are an Android user and want to use the chat feature of Google Messages, follow the steps below:

Google’s messaging app is pre-installed on most Android devices that have come into the market recently.

If you don’t have Google’s Messages app on your device, tap here to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, follow the steps below:

– After the app is downloaded, make the app the default app.

– To make the app default, go to the option of ‘Set Default SMS App’ and select the Google Message icon that appears at the top. And, tap on the ‘Set as Default’ button at the end.


Then you have to verify your number. Follow the below procedure to verify the number:

– First of all, open the Google messaging app.

– And tap on the three dots on the top right.

– Then select the settings option.

– After doing this, tap on the ‘General’ option.

– And, go to the chat feature at the top.

– Go to the option called Verify your number.

– Go to ‘Your phone number option’ and enter your phone number. And tap on verify button.

After doing this, your SIM verification process will proceed. In a few minutes, the account is automatically verified and shows the option of connected. Then you can chat by text using Wi-Fi or data connection when you are online.

This does not affect the SIM amount or SMS plan. But remember. The person you are sending a message to should also have this feature enabled.

This option appears when chatting via SMS. (Text message appears.)

This option appears when the message is sent via data or Wi-Fi network. (The chat message option appears in this way.)

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