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Sexual frustration caused by foreign employment, “Sexual relations with relatives are increasing”

It has been nine years since the 39-year-old Panodevi (name changed) of Rajviraj Municipality-1 left her husband for foreign employment. After her husband went abroad, Panodevi, who was shouldering the responsibility of eight people, including her mother-in-law and two sons and three daughters, started helping Panodevi in every problem.

It is not that his mother-in-law does not support him. Along with this, her husband’s friend also came to help Panodevi when there was some problem. While helping, Pano and her husband started to love each other. The mother-in-law stopped liking their unnatural behavior.

However, they could not maintain the distance. As a result, Pano began to fulfill her sexual desire while her husband was abroad with her husband’s friend. From the third month after her husband went abroad, Panodevi and her husband’s friend started having sex and even now they continue to have sex.

“Sexual desire is in everyone, it’s been nine years since my husband came, he (husband’s partner) loves me more than my husband. As we got closer, we started having sex. And even now we have sex,’ Panodevi says. She says that Panodevi’s mother-in-law is also suspicious of the relationship between them.

When the mother-in-law’s son’s friend came to her house and stayed in the daughter-in-law’s room for hours, there were fights between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law. Sexual desire cannot be killed. When my mother-in-law started abusing me at home, I went to the lodge on the pretense that I was sick, and I have been suppressing my sexual desire with Mit (husband’s Mit), she says.

Panodevi says that not only at home but also in the society, the relationship between them has started to be cut off. However, Panodevi narrates that she has been having sex with Mit by ignoring the reactions of the family and society because she could not kill her sexual desire. It has been 15 years since Kalpana Yadav (name changed) husband of 36 years old Rajviraj Municipality-2 went abroad for foreign employment.

When the father went abroad, the one-year-old son is now 16 years old. In the meantime, the brother-in-law approached him, asking him to accompany him happily. To support Kalpana, her brother-in-law is unmarried. While helping her sister-in-law, Kalpana started having sexual relations with her brother-in-law. “I didn’t think it would happen like this,” said Kalpana, “but, while getting close, the sexual relationship stopped.” It is difficult to kill sexual desire for many days.

There is an experience of imagining that it is easy to have sexual relations when the bridegroom comes. She says, ‘After finding a man who can confidently come to the house, and after meeting their hearts, they started having sex. I used to have sex with my brother-in-law when my son went to school.”Kalpana says that she cannot get sexual satisfaction from her husband who comes for one month a year.

‘My husband comes once a year for a month,’ she says, ‘but when my husband goes abroad, I have sex with my brother-in-law when my sexual desire increases.” Kavita Yadav of Rajviraj Municipality-1 said that there were incidents of sexual intercourse.

This happens not only to women but also to men. Although he is a wife at home, he seems to be having a relationship with another woman, she said. There are some cases where the husband who is in the country also has sexual relations with other women while the wife is in foreign employment. When a man or a woman has illicit sex, there is a disturbance in the family.

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