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Tiktok sent a letter in support of social media guidelines

Kathmandu. Tiktok has sent a letter expressing its support for the social network management guidelines approved by the government.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Tiktok has supported the Guidelines on Social Media Operation and Management, 2080, which was approved by the Council of Ministers meeting on October 23rd.

The Ministry of Communications said that Tiktok had sent the letter a few days ago. The ministry says that the letter sent by Tiktok is yet to be discussed and the government is not ready to send any response immediately.

An official of the ministry said that Tiktok has indicated through a letter that it is ready to continue operating by the guidelines. However, because the government has already closed it, there is no position that other agencies can do anything in this regard before the decision to open it is made.

Last October 27, the government closed the social network TikTok.

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