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Sweden will hold the Sex Championship

Stockholm, Agency.

The European country Sweden is going to hold a sex competition after including sex in the list of games.

After the recognition of sex as a game in Sweden, the Swedish Sex Games Federation has also been formed. This federation is going to organize the European Sex Championship for the first time before the 8th of June i.e. next Thursday. The Swedish Sex Federation’s So Sex Championship will last for a few weeks. It is said that the contestants will have to compete for 6 hours every day.

People who participate in the sex competition will be involved in the sex session. The winners of the sex contest will be chosen based on the panel of judges and audience votes. During the 6-week European Sex Championship, participants will engage in sexual activity for 45 minutes to one hour a day, depending on their playing time. It is said that the final decision of the winner will be made keeping in mind the chemistry between the couple, knowledge about sex, tolerance level etc.

It is said that the knowledge of the Sanskrit scripture ‘Kamasutra’, especially about sex and sexuality, will also play a role in making decisions. Participants will also get marks based on their knowledge of ‘Kamasutra’. In addition, the championship has also included various types of sexual orientation.

The winner will be selected based on the votes of the three judges and the audience. Each subject will be awarded between 5 to 10 marks. There will be competition in 16 different categories. It is said that activities up to body massage will also be included. So far, it is said that people from different 20 countries of Europe have applied to participate in this competition. The European Sex Championship values diversity and says that people of any gender can take part in the competition.

According to the organizers, sexual orientation or sexual attraction can play a strategic role in this game. The organizers have said that as part of the sports strategy, the important development of sexual orientation will take place among European countries.

The president of the Swedish Federation of Sex has said that it is essential to recognize sex as a sport. He also discussed the possibilities of improving physical and mental health through sexual activity. According to him, like any other sport, training is required to win in sex. Therefore, he insisted that there should be competition in this category for people.

The organizer of the sex competition, the Swedish Sex Federation, has expressed the belief that this will be an important new beginning in the European country. Some have criticized this decision, but some are silent.

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