The Congress-UML, which has been in power for years, is a shock from the RSP!

In the by-elections 5 months after the completion of the House of Representatives elections, the traditional strong powers Congress and UML suffered a major setback.

The initial trend of the vote counting which started on the day of Democracy Day showed that the democratic power would be given a quick push in Tanahun and Chitwan.

Coincidentally, the results that came in Tanahun and Chitwan on the same day as the 12 Baisakh earthquake have given the old parties a big shock. After 2046 years, traditional strong and influential parties have been in power. But by raising issues such as corruption, backwardness and unemployment against their actions, RSVP has dominated in one election after another.

In the Maoist by-elections, the alliance was only a supporter of the candidate. But the Congress-UML, which had a door-to-door organization and distributed membership, suffered a bigger shock than that of November 4. RSVP not only won two seats instead of 1, but looking at the ‘trend’ of votes, it has been shown that the local level, state and House of Representatives elections to be held after four years will not be easy for the traditional party.

The RSVP has gained confidence from this by-election to ring the bell against any leader who stands up against them in the next election.

It is not at all a challenge for the old parties to choose the candidate of RSVP instead of Congress and UML because they are carrying the membership certificate of the party in Goji.

By advancing the ‘populist’ issue of the citizens, the RSVP has aroused resentment towards the traditional parties. However, the traditional parties have not been able to come up with a program that can break it. Neither their workers are ready to trust them. With this wave of RSVP, it seems that it will be more challenging for parties including Congress, UML, Maoist, and RPP to reach the next election.

Citizens have blindly voted for the party whose ideals and principles are not clear.

Television presenter Ravi Lamichhane challenged the traditional party by winning 20 seats on December 4 shortly after the party was launched.

After 5 months, during by-elections in Tanahun and Chitwan out of the three constituencies of the House of Representatives, two RSVP candidates have won by giving a warning and a message more than before.

Despite losing the post of MP and Home Minister due to his own weakness, Ravi again won a brilliant victory from Chitwan-2.

null In this process, Ravi received 54 thousand 176 votes. While more votes fell on December 4, he received 49 thousand 300 votes from this area.

What a coincidence, Ravi got 2386 more votes in one election than the total votes obtained by four candidates of Congress and UML in 2 elections of Chitwan 2.

Familiar faces in district politics, former Congress president Jeet Narayan Shrestha and UML district president Ram Prasad Neupane could not get as many votes as before when they stood against Ravi.

Even though the audio of his MP Dhakakumar Shrestha asking for Rs 2 crore bribe to become a minister was released, it did not affect Ravi. Instead, Chitwan won him with a greater margin than before. Instead, Congress and UML candidates were punished.

It was seen that even though the parties including Congress, Maoist, CPN United Socialist Party, JSPA, LOSPA, Civil Liberation, National People’s Front were standing together, there was nothing to do with the RSVP.

On November 4, when an average candidate was nominated in the name of RSVP, he defeated the heavyweights and won the election. RSVP has now indicated that it will carry people like Swarnim Wagle, who has acquired scholarship in economics, and will bring a bigger tsunami in the next election.

Referring to this situation, Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has been forced to say that a serious situation has been created.

“The President has won the election and we got a weak result in our strong area,” Deuba said in the parliamentary party meeting on Monday, “People were not interested in the big party.” Now there is no alternative to bring a people-oriented program to reform the party. Now we have to improve.

This statement of Deuba seems to be enough to understand that citizens disagree with the process and style of doing their work for years. UML’s Pradeep Gyawali says that the people could not trust the appeal of the traditional party and the by-election demanded reform.

“A different competition than expected was seen in the by-elections. It is true that we did not get as many votes as we expected. The party’s committee will give a report as to why this happened,” said Gyawali, “but one thing is true, it was seen that people could not trust our appeal. It is right that they have demanded reform in us and there has been an attraction towards the RASWPA.

However, Gyawali argues that even if RSVP sells slogans in an attractive manner, they cannot provide solutions and alternatives overnight.

The RSVP party has been formed on the foundation of populism. They have presented themselves in an attractive manner without being clear about what our problems and limitations are,” he says, ‘but they do not have solution options and a solid agenda. Not being able to provide a solution may cause more despondency among the citizens.

He says that the comment made by the RSVP that nothing has happened so far is wrong.

People’s interest is in good governance. It is correct that they have cached it. But the first thing that you have created is that nothing has happened so far, it is very important for them,” says Gyawali, “We can spread discontent in the Nepali society, but we do not have the economy and ability to do miracles and transform overnight by destroying all the systems. Not everything can be delivered immediately. It has stages and processes.

However, he believes that the wave seen towards the RSVP has made every mainstream party thinkable.

Same shock in Tanahun

In the election held only 5 months ago, Ramchandra Paudel, an influential leader of the Congress, won from Tanahun 1 by getting 25 thousand 361 votes. UML’s Ek Bahadur Ranamar got 19 thousand 981 votes. Poudel won with a margin of 5,380 votes. Govindraj Joshi, who is constantly in a tussle with the Congress, also got 6,886 votes as an independent. But in that election, Vikas Sigdel of RSVP got only 6 thousand 44 votes.

In the by-election after Paudel became the president, the Congress made Govinda Bhattarai, who had created an honest image in Tanahun’s politics, a candidate. Although he got the ticket this time after struggling in the politics of Tanahun for a long time, Bhattarai was not affected by the wave of the RSVP.

Bhattarai, who did not hold a position of profit, created an honest image and was involved in the development of the district, could not reach victory. Although he brought only 5,000 less than Paudel brought, he did not agree with Swarnim Wagle, an economist who defected from the Congress and joined the RSVP. Swarnim took advantage of the failure of the Congress to convince the Govindaraj Joshi side and the failure of the UML to raise a good candidate.

Earlier, UML’s Ek Bahadur Ranamar got 19 thousand 981 votes against Paudel. However, when Savendra Khanal, who was defeated on December 4 in Kathmandu-6, was nominated as a candidate, he suffered even more damage. When Khanal got 8,488 votes, UML lost 11,493 votes. Which is also a matter of loss and concern for UML as well.

Not only Congress-UML, RSVP is sure to become a headache for all parties. Because even those who are members of Congress, UML, Maoist, RPP seem to have voted for the candidate of RASPA.

Ravi’s warning to dominate against traditional parties

Addressing the election meeting held in Chitwan after registering a spectacular victory, Ravi Lamichhane announced that he will become the Prime Minister by getting a majority in his next election, and that he will make the candidates of the RSVP up to the ward and municipal levels victorious.

We want to solve the problems of citizens. We want to work to create a beautiful future for you,” said Ravi. “We will make the RSVP a big party so that we can form a government under our own leadership in 5 years. In the next election, we will ring the bell in the ward-ward municipality.

Not only this, Lamichhane has also promoted popular slogans such as investigating the corruption of traditional party leaders, providing good governance, and increasing employment.

In the last local level elections, there was a wave in favor of independent party candidates in the municipalities including Kathmandu and Dharan. Enthusiastic about this, Ravi, who started the party, has been enthusiastic about the wave seen in his favor in the representative assembly elections and by-elections.

Therefore, he has indicated that he will withdraw his support to the government and stay in the opposition and give priority to the welfare of the people.

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