The exercise to form a new government in Koshi continues

Biratnagar. The parties are continuing discussions at the central level for the formation of a new government in Koshi province. However, the conclusion has not been reached. Provincial level leaders of Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist Center, CPN Unified Socialist and JSP have reached Kathmandu. They went to Kathmandu for discussions with top leaders.

On the 11th of last year, the Supreme Court dismissed the Uddhav Thapa-led government of the Nepali Congress within 22 days saying that it was not formed according to the constitutional procedure. The government led by Thapa was formed on June 21 last year.

After the Supreme Court’s order, Koshi state chief Parshuram Khapung has given time till July 16 to form a new government. He has given time to form the government according to clause (2) of Article 168 of the Constitution. According to the order of the Supreme Court, a deadline has been given to form the government by 17th of July.

A clear majority in the Koshi state assembly requires the support of at least 47 MPs. The alliance with the Congress, Maoist Center has 46 votes excluding the Speaker. In the event that the Speaker resigns, the coalition will have the majority of MPs (47). That is why the coalition parties are discussing asking the Speaker to resign.

If RPP supports the coalition party, the government can be formed easily. However, it is said that the discussion held at the central level with RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden was not positive. It is said that Lingden asked to create an environment to participate in the government of all the 7 states including the federal government.

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