The government stopped the parliament, not us: Oli

Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli has accused the government of stopping the parliament instead of them.

Oli says that when they demanded to be allowed to speak about the gold scandal, the government stopped the parliament to prevent them from speaking. Speaking at a program organized on the occasion of Tulsilal Amatya Memorial Day on Wednesday, Oli said that he will not listen to the Home Minister alone in the gold smuggling case.

We are not saying that we will open the House if the Home Minister speaks. We have said that MPs should be allowed to speak. But the government stopped the parliament by putting pressure on the speaker that MPs would speak.

Oli said that since the government itself is involved in the gold smuggling case, they have demanded the formation of a high-level investigation committee.

“Do the investigation you are doing. But since they are involved themselves, we have asked them to form a high-level committee for a fair investigation’, Oli said. If you don’t see that much gold, why did you put customs there? Only to make the people suffer?’

He said that the Congress could not speak clearly in the case of gold smuggling and said, “Devaji, what is your opinion?”

He urged the workers to go on Mission 084 saying that no one else can run the country except them.

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