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The hearing against Ravi Lamichhane in the Supreme Court will be heard today

Attorney General Dr. said that the case related to misuse of passport of Ravi Lamichhane, Chairman of Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RASWPA) will not be tried in the Supreme Court. A writ petition has been filed demanding that the decision made by Dinmani Pokharel should be annulled.

Advocate Yuvraj Poudel “Success” filed a writ petition against Lamichhane on Monday, stating that he had been acquitted for misappropriation of passports, and the decision has been requested to be overturned. It is scheduled to be heard on the writ today, Tuesday.

Earlier, the court ruled that Lamichhane did not acquire Nepali citizenship procedurally. With the verdict, Lamichhane lost his MP and ministerial position. Now Lamichhane has taken Nepalese citizenship from the district administration office.

Attorney General Dr. Pokharel had decided not to file a case against Lamichhane for misuse of passport on 6th of Chait. It was said that the Attorney General decided not to pursue the case based on the report from the High Public Prosecutor’s Office through the District Public Prosecutor’s Office and the comments of the Attorney General’s Office. A writ petition has been filed demanding the annulment of the decision.

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