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The industry is waiting for the debut of Dileep’s daughter with whom?

The Nepali film industry is now impatient for the debut of a star kid, and it is Divya, the daughter of superstar Dilip Rayamazhi. The talk about her beauty before her debut in the film is as tempting as it is, it has increased the interest of the audience as well as the filmmakers regarding her debut. It is not that Divya did not get offers from some films, but she did not show any desire to work in any of them.

Now Divya is going to come to Nepal from America to act in the film, according to reliable sources. She went to America with her parents at a young age and after completing her Masters’s in ‘Info Teach Project Management’, she is now working in the IT sector. It is known that she has had the desire to act in films since childhood and has also studied film.

Divya, who has learned horse riding and dance for the purpose of working in films, is likely to come to Nepal in the next 6/7 months. And it is said that Dilip Rayamazhi is discussing with some makers regarding his debut. For the safe flight of her daughter’s career, she wants to make her debut in the film of one of the two current superstars Anmol KC or Pradeep Khadka.

A few months ago, Dileep’s wife met the producer of a super hit film starring Pradeep in Kathmandu regarding her daughter’s debut. It is understood that the producer is positive about making a film with Pradeep and Divya. Similarly, since Dileep has a cordial relationship with Bhuvan KC, the possibility of debuting with Anmol is also high. Divya’s Anmol and Pradeep are both ‘favorites’.

Shivahari Paudel tried to make Divya’s debut with his debut directorial film ‘Lakka Jawan’. The producer of the film was Dileep himself. However, Divya did not agree to work because she did not finish her studies. Now, whose film will be his debut between Anmol and Pradeep, it has become a matter of anticipation. He will have no less challenge to carry his father’s legacy.

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