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The Medi government took away the project given to the writer of Adipurusha

The Narendra Modi government has taken away the project given to the writer of Bollywood movie ‘Adipurush’. The project of Lekh Muntasir was taken away because he was accused of wrongly presenting the movie ‘Adipurush’ to the Ramayana.

Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi informed about this. He said, “Manoj Muntasirji, the results of your stupidity are starting to come, many departments of the central government have started to step aside, Muntasir’s name has been removed from many projects of government departments.”

The leaders of BJP and other parties expressed their anger at him saying that he had misinterpreted the characters of Ramayana, Lord Ram and others in Adipurush, and the movie could not be released due to the ban in Nepal.

He further writes, ‘This is the punishment of Lord Shri Ramji, there is still time – apologize to Lord Shri Ramji.’

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