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The name is massage center, the work is like this… The police are surprised! (See the video)

Having a business in the name of M’Saj Center is not new for the capital. It is not that the police do not conduct raids from time to time to stop the obscene activities in the salons and spas, but this business has not been stopped. From a week long reporting on Friday, it was revealed – Telmalis is just an excuse, the goal of the masseur is somewhere else.

That is, ‘Happy Ending’ i.e. ejaculation in a massage center. No matter how much you try to keep it under discipline, due to the demand of the customers, the trend of “happy ending” is increasing nowadays in massage and spa.

A report prepared by Anil Yadav after visiting massage centers and spas in the area. When a man enters the massage center in a tired posture, when he returns, he is not only “fresh”, his face also has a different glow.

This is a daily scene in the capital’s massage centers and spas. What is the magic in oil massage and why is it attracting customers every day? What is the reason for customers’ faces to glow? Friday’s week-long reporting revealed that under the cover of massage and spa, there are also obscene activities. It is leaping.

Oil massage is just an excuse, the ‘Arukhale’ service available there is also attracting customers. What is such a service, ‘Happy ending,’ said Sagar Shrestha, a businessman from Thamel who runs Chanichchani Massage Center and Spa.

Entirely means from top to bottom. At the end, they make the customer happy by masturbating. There is a crowd of people here to enjoy it. On Saturday, with the help of a regular customer, he went inside ‘Welcome Parlor and Spa’.

The name itself is welcome. Before entering, a group of four or five young women greeted them collectively, “Namaste sir, namaste.” The sequence of greeting continued further. After drinking the water, as always, the customer decided to have an hour massage.

He entered the room covered with a curtain with the girl. Outside, other girls were talking about celebrating a ‘birthday party’. An excited young woman was saying in the birthday conversation, “We should all sit in one room, our brothers and sisters should sit in another.”

They were also consulting on how much wine to buy, but it was not difficult to guess that ‘dal mein kuch kala hai’ was the dialogue. After about an hour of massage, the client left smiling. Again the girls offered water.

He drank. “How did the massage go?” he said with a faint smile. There, he paid 1200 rupees for an hour of body massage, which included a ‘happy ending’. “He also gave a tip of 100 rupees inside,” he said.

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