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The online girlfriend was found to be the partner’s wife

A man became paranoid when he found out that his friend’s wife, who introduced him to his girlfriend online, was cheating on him for the last one year.

Zhou, a middle-aged man from Chuchang in China’s Henan province, was saving money by cultivating melons in Myanmar to start his own family. It had been a long time since he went to Myanmar, but he was in constant contact with his best friend Xiao Li. He told his friend during a conversation one day that his business is going well and now he is looking for a good female friend. Lee also said that his wife had a friend who was living a single life and if she wanted, she could introduce them to each other.

Online dating was not an option as Jhau was abroad for fruit farming. The conversation took a good turn. The two immediately fell in love. The two agreed to continue their relationship online until they return to China.

love scam After three months of online dating, Zhao’s online girlfriend said that because her brother had an accident, she needed 730 dollars for immediate medical expenses. Jhau sent her the money, thinking it was not much, but a few weeks later, she again asked for money saying that her father was sick. In this way, he sent a total of 11,650 dollars during one year.

In early 2023, Zhou told his friend Xiao Li that his relationship was going well and that he was going back to China to meet his girlfriend and possibly get married. Lee was happy at that time. But about a month ago, Lee called his friend and told him that maybe his girlfriend didn’t exist and maybe he was dating his wife.

“Perhaps you are deceived, your girlfriend is my wife!” Lee said over the phone. Lee also said that there is evidence that his wife is cheating on Douyin’s Tiktok account in China.

love scam1 At first, Zhou couldn’t believe it, but when he contacted his online girlfriend and asked about it, she didn’t hesitate to tell him the truth, which convinced him that Li was right. He warned that he would report this to the police administration, but his best friend asked him not to do so, promising to return the money taken by his wife. Later, when Lee could not return the money, he informed the administration about it.


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