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The owner of 12 million was declared the world’s richest ‘beggar’

Many may be surprised that a beggar who spends his morning and evening by begging on the street has become the ‘richest beggar in the world’.

But an Indian man who lives by begging on the streets of Mumbai, India, has been declared the richest beggar in the world with assets of more than 120 million.

Bharat Jain is a young man who becomes the richest beggar in the world by begging on the streets of Mumbai. He collects 2,000 to 2,500 baht a day just by begging on the street. Jain has been demanding for many years in high traffic places like Chhatrapati Shivji Maharaj Terminal Railway Station, Azad Maidan in Mumbai.

Now that Jain has collected a good amount of money. His total wealth is 7.5 crore bharu i.e. 12 crore Nepalese rupees. He owns a two-bedroom flat in Mumbai worth around two crores. Apart from this, he also has two shops in Thane. Its rent comes to 30,000 baht per month.

His monthly income is estimated to be Rs 96,000 which is much more than what the workers earn.

According to Economic Times, Bharat Jain has not read. He decided to avert his thunder. His children did not follow his footsteps.

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