The pair of ‘Balchi Dhurve’ and ‘Raju Master’ broke up!

Marichman Shrestha, ‘Balchi Dhurve’, and Raju Paudel, ‘Raju Master’, are actors who have a close relationship with the popular comedy teleserial ‘Meri Bassai’. Along with acting, these two also wrote and directed Meri Bassai serial for some time. Later, he broadcasted two serials in joint writing, directing and acting. Both the comedy genre ‘Halka Rezha’ and the social genre ‘Juthe’ received a lot of love from the audience.

The collaboration of ‘Balchi Dhurve’ and ‘Raju Master’ was not only limited to serials, these two even went to fairs and festivals as a couple and made the audience laugh. It was also presented to the audience through a music video. Lately, there have been rumors of a strained relationship between them, who are engaged in artistry. Sources close to them say that they have broken formal business cooperation. Rumors are not limited to rumours, some bases have also been seen.

After the arrest of ‘Balchi Dhurve’ and ‘Raju Master’ in the case of ‘One X Wait’, the broadcast of both serials ‘Halka Rezha’ and ‘Juthe’ became affected.

After their release, ‘Balchi Dhurve’ has aired the serial ‘Halka Muzha’ which is being released on YouTube. However, ‘Raju Master’ is missing in two parts of the serial. Even though he has been seen in every part, he is not seen in the new part, but the rumors of a strained relationship have gained strength.

On the other hand, the ‘Juthe’ released on YouTube of ‘Raju Master’ is not being regularized at the moment. Instead, ‘Raju Master’ has released a promo while preparing to bring a new serial titled ‘Lafda’. Even in the status he wrote on Facebook only on Sunday, he did not write anything about ‘light fun’ while referring to ‘Juthe’ and the upcoming serial ‘Lafda’. According to those who are close to both ‘Balchi Dhurve’ and ‘Raju Master’, the relationship between them had soured since two-three months ago. Those close to them say that their relationship has soured due to financial disagreements. Lately, they used to reach the editing of serials alone.

“Balchi Dhurve” and “Raju Master” say that there is no truth in the rumors in the market. There was no quarrel between us. The relationship is the same as before’ said Balchi Dhurve. He will come after some time. Juthe serial also comes.

Similarly, ‘Raju Master’ also claimed that there was no misunderstanding between them. “What kind of rumors have come out. Nothing like that happened’ he said, ‘we two brothers sit down and make a video to make it clear to the audience.’

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