The search for those who are in connection with Dawa has started – ‘The situation is scary when looking at the call details’


Kathmandu. The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police, which has started an investigation into the 100 kg gold smuggling case, has intensified its search for Nepali and foreign nationals who are in connection with the arrested accused.

The CIB has started an investigation focusing on Daw Chiring, a Belgian citizen of Chinese origin who was arrested in the gold smuggling case.

By recovering the formatted mobile phone of Chiring, who has been working in the international gold smuggling gang for a long time, and based on the information shared through social media, the CIB has started the investigation process.

The bureau has investigated the call details of Chiring’s mobile phone. An officer of the bureau investigating the gold scandal told Nepal Newspaper that the situation was alarming after looking at his call details. In particular, Chhiring’s connection with the CPN-Maoist leader has been seen, while the bureau’s investigation has also shown that Chhiring is in frequent contact with businessmen of Nepal and also has contact with some high-ranking government officials.

The bureau has also started an investigation about the citizenship that Chiring took from Nepal. According to an officer of the bureau, it has been found that Chiring has connections with smugglers and mafia groups in Hong Kong, Dubai, India and Africa. The officer informed Nepal newspaper that the Bureau, which is under pressure to solve the gold smuggling case, has sought grounds to confirm the involvement of other people involved in it and has received some important information.

The officer also informed that Chhiring, who is currently in the custody of the bureau, did not cooperate with the investigation process and said that he did not know anything, no matter what was asked. “We are preparing to solve it, but he is not accepting anything,” said the officer.

“The team of the Bureau, which is taking statements from other arrested accused, has given some important information about the involvement of some traders of Madwari community who are currently absconding, based on that information, we have started further investigation about their involvement”-

That officer said. Former DIG of Nepal Police Hemant Malla says that if there is no interference from the political and ruling parties, the police will complete this investigation.

Here, it seems that the investigation will be affected, if we look at the latest activities, former DIG Malla said that he is optimistic that the investigation will be successful if the police administration does not gain a foothold.

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