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These things should be taken into consideration while looking for a job

I want to get a job after finishing my studies or while studying. But how to find a job? How to find? Is it as chosen or not? It is a question that arises in the minds of those who are looking for a job. A ‘technique’ is also needed to get a job. Regardless of age or experience, entering the job market can be difficult. But if you search for a job with thought, you will not only get a job, but the job itself will improve your skills and make a difference in your living standards.

What is the first thing to do for a job?

Identifying interests

To get a job, first of all you need to know what you are interested in. Interest not only gives enthusiasm to work but also brings energy to work. It helps you enjoy your work. If you can enjoy your work, even working in the office can be as much an experience as a vacation.


It doesn’t take much to do something you like. But if there is no interest, even the same work can be boring. Without interest, work can feel burdensome and progress can be difficult. It creates stress if there is no job according to the ability. Therefore, to get a job, you should first identify what you are interested in.

Skill and Capacity Development

To get a job, but in what place, in what area? If there is such confusion, it is difficult not only to get a job, but also to get a job. Before getting a job, it is important to improve the skills and competencies that you have. Therefore, when thinking about getting a job, it is important to know what the field of interest and desire might be. It is not that difficult to know. Now you can find answers to every question you are looking for through the internet and social media.

What is needed in the office and industry is manpower in the fields of technology, management, administration, health, communication, bank, travel and tourism. Be it a small or big job, the first thing you need is basic knowledge. This includes skill-based knowledge such as language knowledge, general computer knowledge, speaking skills, and technical knowledge. Such knowledge can now be taken from YouTube and other social networks.

Also, you can get training from the organization to support your career. Where what kind of basic knowledge is needed for which job is taught. Not only this, personal skills such as positive thinking and behavior while working, being responsible, being adaptable, working safely, and working in a group are also necessary. These personal skills are behaviors we rely on in normal life but are fundamental aspects needed in the office.

How to find?

If you don’t know how to find a job, you will get trouble or trouble. But finding a job is not that difficult if you have a few tricks. There are three ways to find a job.

circle of friends

Friends are the biggest source of getting a job in the field you want. If a relative or friend is involved in some field, letting them know about their interests and skills, giving them information about places that are suitable and require employees, or taking the initiative will be of great help.

Office website

There is a career category on the website of offices and industries. From which it can be known whether the employee is wanted in the desired office or not. You should watch the website of such companies. So that if there is a suitable and waiting eligible job, you can apply.

Employment Office

Currently, there are many organizations that are looking for employment. Like, Mero Jab Dotcom, Kantipur Jab Lajaat organizations are working as a bridge between companies and patients. Where you can apply for the desired job by filling the form.

Social networking

Today, the company is giving information about the demand for employees from its social media account, Instagram, Facebook etc. If all the documents are strong, you can get the job as per the information given in the advertisement post.

How to make a resume?

The qualifications and skills presented in the resume also influence the company. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly highlight the skills you know. If the resume is effective, companies may contact you for an interview. A resume should be made short and sweet by listing factual information that qualifies for the office. So that the company looks like it can really do a good job.

How to present in the interview?

Before going to any interview, you should practice it first. It is advisable to prepare how to answer when asked a question, how to introduce yourself, what kind of words to use during double dialogue.

When going to a job interview, you should study and be knowledgeable about the company or the job you are being called for. It does not confuse the questions asked in the interview. You should be able to put your point clearly.

Also, even when going for an interview, adopting a formal dressing style at the right time will give a good impression.

If you have skills, there are opportunities

Companies are asking for employees every day. On the other hand, there are also those who want a job. But the number of skilled and skilled workers is less. In this case, if you improve your skills before entering the market, you will get many opportunities. However, even after getting a job, if you can put your mind to it and become proficient in it, many companies may offer you a job in the future. Many people are forced to stay unemployed due to the tendency to try to work but try to climb up quickly or to think of work as small and big.


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