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Thinking of buying land in Kathmandu? Look at the land price of which place?

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has valued the land in New Road area the highest. According to the Economic Bill 2080, the value of the land connected to the main road up to Indrachok, Khichapokhari, Dharahara has been fixed at 50 lakhs per anna.

Thamel, Kshetrapati, Hanumandhoka, Asan, Bhotahiti, Nachghar, Maitighar, Sinhdarbar Paschimgate, Putlisadak, Hattisar, Darbarmarg, Baghbazar Mulsadak has been fixed at 50 lakh.

Anamnagar, Hanumansthan, Thapa village, Gaushala via Ratopul to Krishna Pauroti has been fixed at Rs. 28 lakhs.

Kathmandu Metropolis has assessed land with no road and category F at Rs 4 lakh. 20 lakhs has been done for land of category A without roads.

Mahankal, Jorpati road through Peepalbot of Chabahil Chowk to Gaurighat Chowk has been fixed at Rs. 13 lakhs.

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