Today’s foreign currency exchange rates

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has released the foreign exchange rates for today (Saturday).

In comparison to yesterday’s trading, the value of the US dollar has increased today, whereas some other foreign currencies, such as the euro and the pound, have experienced a decline.

Today’s fixed buying rate for one Euro is 144 rupees 12 paisa, with a selling rate of 144 rupees 77 paisa.

This marks an increase from yesterday’s buying rate of Rs 144.83 paise and a selling rate of Rs 145.48 paise.

The buying rate for one US dollar today stands at 133 rupees 19 paisa, with a selling rate of 133 rupees 19 paisa.

Contrastingly, the buying rate for one US dollar yesterday was 132 rupees 74 paisa, and the selling rate was 133 rupees 34 paisa.

Similarly, the buying rate for one Qatari riyal is set at 36 rupees 52 paisa, while the selling rate is 36 rupees 68 paisa.

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