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‘UML is not in the game of making or breaking any alliance’

CPN (UML) vice-chair Bishnu Paudel has said the UML is not involved in the game of making or breaking any alliance for the sake of power.

He said this in response to a query by journalists whether the CPN (UML) is working to forge another alliance as an alternative to the present one. The UML vice-chair has arrived in Dhangadhi today in connection with the party’s ‘mission grassroots’ campaign.

“Currently the UML is not on the side of making or breaking any alliance just for going to power. It is rather working towards further strengthening the party. Therefore, we are conducting the mission grassroots programme throughout the country,” he said.

Addressing an interaction organised by Press Chautari Nepal in Dhangadhi today, the UML vice-chair said his party would play the role of a strong opposition. He said the UML is moving ahead with the mission of securing majority votes in the upcoming election.

On a separate note, leader Paudel said that UML’s leadership of the government would secure political stability and economic prosperity for the country.

According to him, the country is caught up in appalling instability. “All the economic indicators except that of remittance are negative. The present inland revenue has reached a situation that it no longer can cover even the general expenditure,” the former Finance Minister said, adding that the financial commitments made by the international donors have also not been coming. The government is not serious even in this dire situation.

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