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UML lawmakers obstruct parliament meeting

Kathmandu, 26 May (2023) – Lawmakers from the main opposition party, the CPN (UML), obstructed a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today.

The main opposition party MPs stood from their seats in protest and blocked the meeting at its outset, saying the session could not start its business until the government clarified whether the ‘jalahari’ installed at the sanctum sanctorum of the Pashupatinath Temple is made of gold or brass.

After this, Speaker Devraj Ghimire gave time to the UML’s Chief Whip Padam Giri to speak. Giri said that the House could not proceed ahead with its business unless the government responded to the allegation Lekhnath Dahal, a ruling party lawmaker, made that the ‘jalahari’ installed at the Temple when UML Chair KP Sharma Oli was the Prime Minister was not gold but brass.

He reiterated that the House session could not moved ahead until the government investigated whether the ‘jalahari’ in Pashupatinath Temple is made of gold or brass, and responded to the allegation.

Similarly, UML parliamentary party deputy leader Subas Chandra Nembang said it was not for the sake of fun that the main opposition party has obstructed the meeting, but for the seriousness of the false allegation that a ‘responsible’ lawmaker from a ‘responsible’ party has leveled against the former prime minister.

The UML lawmakers expressed regret, stating that the ruling party lawmakers made a serious accusation against them that they had committed corruption by offering the ‘jalahari’ made of brass instead of gold. They demanded that an investigation be made to find out the truth.

Speaker Ghimire time and again requested the UML lawmakers to take seats and cooperate in allowing the House meeting to proceed ahead as per the parliamentary process. Despite the Speaker’s repeated requests, the UML lawmakers picketed the rostrum, shouting slogans.

The Speaker then adjourned the meeting for 20 minutes after his requests went unheeded even after the sloganeering that lasted for about five minutes.

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