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UML removes age limit paving way for Chairman Oli to seek another term

CPN-UML has removed the age limit of 70 years for executive committees paving the way for 71-year-old Chairman KP Sharma Oli to serve another term should he wish so.

The party’s secretariat meeting held on June 2 has removed the age limit kept by the statute convention held during the 10th General Convention.

Article 64 of the party’s statute mandates that any leader elected or nominated as member or office-bearer of executive committees should not have crossed 70 years. The provision, however, allowed any leader elected or nominated to that post before completing 70 years to serve that term even after completing 70 years.

The age limit now has been removed and decision taken to take the proposal to that regard to the statute general convention for endorsement, according to a UML leader.

The leader claimed that the age limit has been removed for Mukunda Neupane who returned back in the party from CPN (Unified Socialist) formed after split in UML.

But the provision has also removed age restriction for 71-year-old Oli and Senior Vice-chairman Ishwar Pokharel who will complete 70 in March 2024.

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