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Use these kitchen ingredients daily, stone will be removed within a week

In today’s era, many types of diseases appear due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet, one of the common diseases is kidney stones. In which the patient has unbearable pain due to the formation of large stones in the stomach or kidney.

People undergo expensive treatment to avoid stones. Some people also start drinking beer but it can be harmful for health. In this case, today we will tell you how to remove even large stones in a few days using two ingredients from the kitchen.

Use sugar candy and cumin to remove stones
There are two super ingredients in our kitchen that can save us from kidney stones. These two ingredients are cumin and sugar candy, using which you can remove even large stones from your body within a few days. For this, take equal amount of cumin and sugar and eat it with water at least three times a day, this will reduce the problem of stones to a great extent.

Cook and eat cumin and sugar sweets
Cumin and sugar sweets can also be used in other ways to reduce the problem of stones. For this, make a sugar syrup by adding some water to the sugar, add cumin seeds to it and mix one to two spoons of honey and keep it aside.

Consume it every morning on an empty stomach, by doing this, the stone breaks down into pieces and passes out of the body through urine. Not only that, consumption of cumin and sugar also prevents urinary infections and other problems during urination.

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