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Ward’s recommendation is mandatory when getting married in Tila of Jumla

In order to prevent child marriage, the local level here has made it mandatory to recommend compulsory ward at the time of marriage.

Tila rural municipality of the district has decided to recommend the ward when getting married.

Couples who want to get married have to get married only after taking the recommendation of the ward. Gorikala Budha, the vice president of the village municipality, informed that the decision of the meeting of the village executive made it mandatory to recommend the ward for marriage.

A circular has also been issued to all the nine wards of the municipality. Child marriage is on the rise in recent times. Vice President Budha says that ward recommendation is mandatory to prevent child marriage.

Ward residents must take the ward’s recommendation before getting married.

To reduce child marriage, Tila-6 has also been declared a child marriage-free ward.

Village Chairman Motilal Rokaya said that the recommendation of the ward will play a very important role in preventing child marriages caused by Dekhasekhi. He says that efforts are being made to make all the wards of the municipality free from child marriage.

Village chairman Rokaya said that the ward has been instructed to strictly implement the decision made by the executive.

According to the rural municipality, it is mandatory to submit the birth certificate to the ward office and get approval even when getting married in any age group.

The ward office of Tila-1 has informed that with the mandatory ward recommendation for marriage, the number of people taking recommendation from the ward has increased.

Ward President Jang Rokaya informed that Bikas Rokaya, a resident of Ward No. 6 of the municipality, got married with the recommendation of the ward. Vice President Janmaya Rokaya said that in the Patarasi rural municipality here, the recommendation of the ward is mandatory when getting married. Sinja rural municipality also said that it has implemented the recommendation of mandatory ward when getting married.

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