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We will not leave Gyanendra Shahi and Lenin Bista who will fight against Prachanda: Former militant leader

Leader of CPN (Maoist Center) and ex-fighter Mangalsinh Praja has alleged that he is in the business of earning dollars by selling the name of Leninist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who cooks rice in the militant camp.
No children or old people have been used to bring a republic in Nepal. A man named Lenin Bista was not involved in the People’s War. He is the man who went to cook rice in the cantonment after the comprehensive peace agreement of 5th November 2063. But today, Prachanda is selling the name of using the infantry in the people’s war, and he is in the business of earning dollars by saying that sometimes he will deliver it to the Hague and sometimes to other places. He is a man mobilized by the dollarists. He didn’t even see the gun. We don’t even know how the gun fires,” he said while talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala for Nepali Radio Network’s (NRN) program ‘Nepali Bahsa’.

The ex-militant leader Praja also warned Lenin Bista that they will not leave the case against Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. He said, ‘Who is Lenin Bista who repeatedly sues the Prime Minister of the country? Because of his behavior, Anmin sent you away saying that you are not fit to be in the army, but to be a child army. But he has repeatedly earned money like this, rode in a car, built a house, and is shouting on the streets saying that he is not a child soldier. We are warning about it. We will be forced to take action against him one day.

The ex-militant leader Praja did not spare the MP Gyanendra Shahi of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. That owl called Gyanendra Shahi is shouting in the Parliament. Where did that shepherd of Jumla get the house and car in Kathmandu? We will be forced to account for it. If we talk like this in the parliament, we will also be forced to create panic. Why would Prachanda resign as the Prime Minister saying that he is a madman, a thief?” he said.
The people also claimed that they would not spare Gyanendra Shahi and Lenin Bista if the peace process broke down. He also said that Ravi Lamichhane, Balen Shah, Hark Sampang were able to enter politics due to the sacrifice of Prachanda.

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