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What is the difference between ‘Truth Social’ and Twitter?

In 2021, supporters of the then President Donald Trump suddenly rioted on the Capitol Hill of the US Parliament. In particular, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube banned his account saying that Trump had encouraged the riot through social media and that it had led to more violence.

At that time, Trump was one of the most followed politicians on social media. After he was banned, he announced that the big technology companies did not give space for “freedom of expression” and announced that he would bring the platform “Truth Social” as an alternative to it.

The platform Truth started in this way has recently become available in Nepal as well. Along with this, the discussion of Truth Social is going on in various other platforms. Today we are discussing the difference between Truth Social and Twitter, how suitable it is for you.

Obligation to follow as soon as account is created

To create an account and login to Truth Social, you must follow at least two accounts. In that too, you should follow the account suggested there, not the account you want.

Even when following, Donald Trump’s account is shown first. Even if a policy is introduced that users must follow other accounts, they should be able to follow them selectively. But there is no such obligation on Twitter. Twitter can be used without following anyone.

Easy account creation facility

Anyone can easily create an account on Truth. As an account can easily be created in a few minutes, there is also a possibility of its misuse. Due to this, there is a tendency to occupy other’s handle even in Nepal in the initial stage. On the other hand, the process of creating a Twitter account is somewhat complicated.

It takes time to create an account on the platform as some more details are required. Therefore, there are less chances of creating fake or bot accounts.

In this way, when Elon Musk bought Twitter, the issue of fake accounts on Twitter was raised. To control this, there is a policy that the Twitter handle should be active in order to remove the bot account. On the other hand, it remains to be seen what kind of policy the company will bring to Truth.

Fake blue tick holder’s bigbiggie

After Twitter introduced the feature of buying Blue Tick, its importance has decreased. Anyone can purchase Blue Tick by paying a fixed monthly or yearly fee if they verify their account by keeping a number.

Therefore, the number of fake tweets spreading from fake accounts on this platform is increasing recently.

Truth Social has not yet introduced the facility of providing a Pink Tick (confirmation that it is an official account) by paying a fee. Users who are bored with the feature that can get Blue Tick by paying a fee can use Truth.


Compared to Truth, Twitter is full of attractive features. Recently added features like Tweet Views, Twitter Edit are more attractive features of Twitter.

When using Truth Social, it feels like using Twitter itself in terms of things other than color. A feature that is not in Twitter but in Truth is group. Like Facebook, you can create groups and join different groups.

Similarly, Twitter recently stopped the two-factor authentication service for users who use free Twitter. In truth, anyone can use this feature.

Just like Tweet is called in Twitter, Truth is called Truth in Social, Explore is called Discover and Notification is called Alert.

On Twitter, tweets can be shared to your Twitter circle and public, while on Truth, you have to share them publicly. Things that are trending on Twitter are shown directly in hashtags, while in Truth, trending topics are shown along with graphs.

In general, it seems that Truth is a copy app of Twitter. However, just as it looks attractive when you take a screenshot of a tweet and share it on other social media, it does not look so attractive in truth. Instead, it feels like a photoshopped text in the style of Twitter. The description of shared links is also shown more than necessary in Truth.

This is not a good thing in terms of user experience. For companies or people who are trying to get away from Twitter, Truth may be a suitable option now. However, as it is entirely under the leadership of Donald Trump, it is not certain how he will take it forward.

It remains to be seen how Truth, which lacks some of its original features, will dominate the market. Most of the users on this platform with a monthly audience of 6 million are from America.

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