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Why is it considered inappropriate to sleep in the afternoon in scriptures and Ayurveda?

In scriptures and Ayurveda, daytime is for working and night is for sleeping. But people who are on duty at night are forced to wake up at night and sleep during the day. Some people have a habit of sleeping in the afternoon.

Similarly, sleeping in the afternoon causes fever, throat problems, poor memory, swollen limbs, and increased laziness.

But in scriptures and Ayurveda, it is considered improper to sleep during the day. Sleeping in the afternoon causes disturbances in the digestive system and food is not digested properly. Due to this, problems such as constipation, gas, indigestion and obesity also increase. There is no harm in resting for a while in the afternoon, but if you go into a deep sleep after eating, you will get stomach ailments.

Apart from this, religious belief also prohibits sleeping during the day. It is believed that Lakshmi does not reside in the house of people who sleep during the day.

But for some people, a little rest is also good. After studying for several hours in a row, it is okay for students to take a nap in the afternoon to relax. Even for the elderly, it is good to take a nap in the afternoon to rest the body and mind. Even an extremely angry person can calm his mind when he sleeps during the day. People who do hard physical work also sleep in the afternoon to rest their body parts.

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