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Why is the mouth watering? Keep your mouth and teeth healthy

The mouth is an important part of the body. The mouth has a special role in eating, speaking and laughing. Therefore, there should be no carelessness in oral hygiene. Failure to clean the mouth not only causes bad breath, but can also cause various diseases in the teeth and gums. Things to pay attention to for oral hygiene:

Eat very sweet, sour foods as little as possible.

Do not eat too hot or too cold.

Do not consume alcohol, smoking and tobacco.

Do not brush your teeth in a hurry, by chewing hard.
Do not sleep with food in your mouth.

Do not put a bottle of milk in the baby’s mouth and do not sleep.

Brush your teeth in the morning after eating and at night before going to bed.

Eating fibrous and greasy foods.

Drink plenty of water.

You can also use dental floss to remove food stuck in your teeth by rinsing your mouth from time to time.

Brush your teeth with a soft brush and clean your tongue.

Use fluoride toothpaste.

Dental checkup every 5 months.

Plus tips
According to WHO, 60 percent of children and 5 to 10 percent of adults and youth in Nepal have problems with their teeth and mouth. The main cause of mouth ulcers is not cleaning the tongue.

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