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Zoo to be constructed alongside wildlife rescue centre in Chitwan

Bharatpur metropolitan city is building a zoo next to the under-construction wildlife rescue centre at Devnagar of Bharatpur.

The zoo is being built to show tiger and other wild animals to visitors on the occasion of the Bharatpur Visit Year.

The metropolis has brought this plan to generate income through the number of tourists it sees yearly.

The zoo will have animals that have been captured and rescued.

The metropolis has requested the Chitwan National Park to provide a tiger to keep at the zoo.

Metropolis mayor Renu Dahal shared that the wildlife rescue centre which is under construction in Devnagar is to be developed into a zoo for keeping tigers, rhinos, antelopes and other animals.

Mayor Dahal together with a team of CNP chief conservation officers carried out a field study of the wildlife rescue centre on Wednesday and held discussions if building a zoo was plausible.

“The infrastructures are being constructed and the city is ready to provide necessary support for the construction of additional structures. The zoo will be opened in the metropolis coinciding with the Visit Year,” Mayor Dahal said.

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