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Labor Ministry announces ‘Shramadan’ campaign

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has announced the ‘Shramadan’ scheme related to labor and employment.

Minister Dol Prasad Aryal launched the ‘Shramadan’ campaign at a press conference held at the Ministry today on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.

The scheme has the objective of solving the problems of Nepali workers and improving the labor market.

Addressing the event, Minister Aryal said that the Ministry has a comprehensive and practical plan to solve the problems surfaced in the labour market.

The scheme includes programs like ‘Second Innings’, Employment Bank, Samata (Equity), Connect, Saath (With You), Call Centre, Pesagat Yatra (Professional Journey) among others.

Minister Aryal said that these programs will not be implemented simultaneously but gradually.

“This is not only a plan, but also a campaign,” he said, adding that it aims to address the multifaceted needs of Nepali citizens related to labour and employment through a one-door system. In the first phase of Shramadan, programs related to seven sectors are included. To match the seven colours of the rainbow, Aryal said.

Minister Aryal shared that the program is focused on developing the skills and competencies of Nepali workers, solving their mental health problems, providing special facilities for classes and communities with special needs, and increasing the knowledge of labor laws to make them legally safe.

The plan prepared by the ministry after two months of study will provide the necessary resources and tools as well.

Minister Aryal informed that in the first phase, 24-hour telephone service will be provided, a focal person will be appointed in the related agency for hearing complaints, and respond calls and missed calls.

According to him, in the second phase, work is being done to develop the Shramadan app. Minister Aryal said preparations are also being made for CIP line telephone service and IVR service for Nepali migrant workers based abroad.

He added that a mechanism has been created to take inquiries, complaints and problems received through various social networks to the immediate resolution process. The Ministry has already inaugurated a Shramadan call center.

The Ministry said inquiries, complaints and problems can be reported by calling 1141 toll-free number.

According to the ministry, the problem can also be reported through another phone number 9851347222 too.


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