Forbes releases list of world’s billionaires; Nepal’s Binod Chaudhary at 1764th position

Forbes has released its annual list of the world’s billionaires.

This year’s list showcases a staggering 2,781 billionaires, marking an increase of 141 from the previous year, according to Forbes.

According to the data, the collective wealth of these billionaires now stands at a whopping $14.2 trillion.

Maintaining its dominant position, the United States leads the pack with the highest number of billionaires, boasting a total of 813 individuals.

China follows closely behind with 473 billionaires, solidifying its status as a major player in the global wealth landscape.

Similarly, India has secured the third spot in the billionaire count, with a notable presence of 200 billionaires within its borders.

Among the notable mentions is Nepali entrepreneur Binod Chaudhary, who clinched the 1764th position on the billionaire list this year.

Chaudhary stands as Nepal’s sole billionaire, with a net worth totaling $1.8 billion.

Notably, Chaudhary’s ranking dipped slightly from the previous year, where he held the 1647th position.

Nonetheless, his significant wealth underscores the growing influence of entrepreneurs from emerging economies on the global stage.

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