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Hydropower projects put the cruise business in crisis

Chitwan- The proposed ‘Trishuli Hydropower Project’ will cause a crisis in the water travel business, businessmen have become worried.

People’s representatives, water travel professionals and river protection workers who participated in the public hearing in Fisling of Ichchakamana rural municipality expressed their concern.

State assembly member Krishna Silwal said that the environment and river’s existence should not be endangered in the name of development. He informed that he will do everything he can to stop it.

Shiv Adhikari, President of Nepal Yafting Association, informed that the proposed hydroelectric project will put 84 companies related to the riverside yachting business in crisis. He said, ‘Billions of investments in hotel business, cruise lines and other companies are in crisis. The cruise is completely closed. The profession of 3,500 guides and 10,000 people is in crisis. Workers’ livelihoods should not be taken away in the name of development.

President of Nepali River Conservation Organization and river activist Megh said that the wealth of the nation, which is seen by so many tourists, should not be jeopardized by the Trishuli river. He said, “I am not anti-development.” Development by drying up the river is unfortunate.

In the program, the local representatives concluded that the river should be protected. The Nepal Association of Yachting Agencies (NARA) had earlier protested saying that the entire investment of the yachting tourism industry has sunk with the construction of hydroelectric projects.

Preliminary work has been started for the construction of 100 MW Super Trishuli hydropower project to be built in Gandaki Rural Municipality-1 Buttar in Gorkha and Ichchakamana-3 Chumkhola in Chitwan.

According to businessmen, 90 percent of the tourists who come to Nepal go on a water trip to the Trishuli River. Trishuli is an important river among the rivers of Nepal. The businessmen have objected saying that it is being tried.

Trishuli is the main destination among the 16 different rivers that the government has opened for boating. Five billion is invested in cruises, resorts, etc. 30 percent of this is within the Trishuli River. Businessmen argue that when a hydropower plant is built here, the river water will dry up and billions of investments will sink.

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